Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Folklore for signs of rain

Rain on strawberry fields. From

When, standing on high ground, you have a clear view and the horizon is unobstructed from all quarters, you may expect rain within forty eight hours.
If it begins to rain after seven o´clock in the morning, if will continue to do so all day, and may also be an indication that it will rain for three days.
When it is raining and the sky brightens and darkens alternately, it will rain all day, with a good chance of clearing at sundown.
It is a sign of continued rain if smoke from the chimney hovers low over the housetops. When it is ascending straight into the air, there will be clear weather.
A foggy morning is usually the forerunner of a clear afternoon.
Mushrooms and toadstools are numerous just before a rain.
¨If the fown flyeth off Dandelion when there is no winde, it is a sign of rain¨.
When the flowers of the pimpernel close during the day, it is a sure sign of rain; thus this plant is known as the poor man´s weather glass.
Bees are sensitive to the increased humidity that usually precedes a shower, and always return to the hive to escape a wetting.
From ¨Sleeping with a sunflower¨, by Louise Riotte, p. 184. New Jersey, 1994

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  1. I love the rainy days! After a rainy day, you will sea a cleaner atmosphere because the rain captures the suspended particles of dust and moved them to the ground. My best pictures are taken on those days. Thanks for a beautifull post Myriam!!!


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