Thursday, March 11, 2010

Predestination for the Indian

From the book ¨Great American Folklore¨, compiled by Kemp P. Battle. P. 265, New York, 1986:
¨In the early days of the Republic of Texas when the Indians were especially bad, an  old Primitive Baptist preacher was preparing for a long trip across the Indian country. He was specially careful in cleaning and loading the long rifle that was to accompany him. A friend, seeing his preparation and knowing his belief in predestination, said to him, ¨Uncle Billie, why are you so careful about  your gun? If you meet the Indians and you are predestined to die at that time, why, you will die anyway; so why worry about the gun? ¨What is to be will be anyway,¨you know¨.
¨Yes, I know all about that,¨ said Uncle Billie., ¨but it might be the Indian´s time too.¨

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