Sunday, March 14, 2010

Death Superstitions

I knew about the popular superstition of the dog howling, announcing death. The sound is really scary. But it seems Americans have much more superstitions about death, as follows, from the book Great American Folklore. Compiled by Kemp P. Battle. New York, 1986

Never carry an ax into the house; it means death.
Only carry a hoe through the same door of your house that you brought it in, or someone in the house will die.
If you miss a row while planting, or hear a crowing hen or rooster after dark, or see the wind blow out a candle, these things mean death.
Beware the sight of a white horse, a little white dog, or a lone white goose.
If an owl comes into your room and sits at the foot of your bed, it’s as if an angel is sitting at your bedside, and it means that whoever lies in that bed shall die.
If three people look into a mirror at the same time, the youngest of the three will die.
Never let a swing stop on its own. Stop it yourself or someone close to you will die.
If a bird flies into your house, it’s an omen of death.
After someone dies, their picture will begin to fade.
Beware the queen of spades, the death card.
If a dog howls while looking at the ground, it’s because he senses that death is very near.

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