Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Animals Superstitions

From the book “Great American Folklore” (p. 365-366. Compiled by Kemp P. Battle. Doubleday, New York, 1986):

If a turtle bites you, he won’t let go until he hears thunder.
If you lose your cows, get a daddy longlegs and ask him,” Where are my cows, ol’ daddy longlegs?” The first leg he lifts will tell you which way the cows went.
Never kill a toad. If you handle one, you’ll get warts.
It’s good to see a spider at night. “ If you expect to live and thrive, let the spider walk alive.”
If you see a spider come toward you in the morning, you’ll be in a fight before sundown.
If a cow chases you, by closing your fingers around your thumb and making a fist  you’ll be safe.
Put a snake in a cider barrel and the cider will turn sweet.
If a rooster crows at the back door, death is on its way; if it crows at the front door, you’ll have visitors.
If you hear the sounds of many animals, there’ll be rain.
If our cat dies and you get another one, give it the same name. The cat will bring luck to your family.
If you always scratch a dog where it  can’t scratch itself, your dog will never run away from home.
If you want to stop a dog from howling, turn your shoes upside down.
A horseshoe over the door is good luck.
Whenever you sep a white horse, look over your shoulder and you’ll see old Mr. Devil.
If a person touches a bird’s egg, its mother will never return to the nest.
A white dove flying overhead is a good sign. A wood pecker near your house is an even better sign.
Salt a bird’s tail for a lifetime of good fortune.
It’s good luck when an animal follows you home.

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