Monday, July 26, 2010

The best dangerous science jobs

Volcano erupting. From

From Wired magazine, august 2007, p. 36, this is the ranking selected for ¨best dangerous science jobs¨:
ASTRONAUT: Since manned spaceflight began in 1961, 24 US astronauts have died in astro-action. Plus more from Russia.
BIOSAFETY LEVEL 4 LAB RESEARCHER.  They handle the deadliest diseases on Earth. 
HURRICANE HUNTER: Just remember, even on the ground, they are not safe. Hurricane Katrina, for example, destroyed the squad´s home base.
DOCTORS WITHOUT BORDERS: from the mobile lab tech. Testing blood for sleeping sickness, an infectious disease, is dangerous enough, imagine it on the ongoing genocide in Sudan´s Darfur region.
PROPULSION ENGINEER: People who ground-test rockets engines, they could completely ignite.
GRAD STUDENTS: Do not forget, they are in constant danger all around the world, jars of chemicals could explode unexpectedly.
VOLCANOLOGISTS: Many volcanologists do not come back from their helicopter visits to hell.
BIOLOGISTS: Animal research can lead to much more than allergic reaction; being bitten, scratched, or exposed to ¨secretions¨ can be deadly.

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