Saturday, March 12, 2011

Meditations on Space

This is a book I´d like to read:
Meditations on Space
by Leslie Kavanaugh
Book Contents:
88 Enzo Paintings
88 Prose Poems on Space/Emptiness

How is space ever understood? Do we hold out our hand and try to grasp it? Or, do we sit, just sit, and meditate on emptiness? This manuscript contains eighty-eight Enzo paintings that are a result of a meditative practice on the nature of space. The paintings lie in the tradition of the monastic Zen discipline for enlightenment, and are accompanied, albeit not explained, by short prose poems in the great tradition of Dogen.
The Author:
Leslie Kavanaugh is an artist, an architect, and a philosopher. In all these disciplines, she has undertaken a life-long investigation into the question of space. Her first book entitled, The Architectonic of Philosophy: Plato, Aristotle, Leibniz investigates the status of ontological structures, and disparate notions of space and time from antiquity and modern philosophy/science. The volume entitled, Chrono-topologies: Hybrid Spatialities and Multiple Temporalities which includes thirteen essays by eminent international scholars on the topic of space/time from an inter-disciplinary perspective was recently published by Rodopi Academic Press. Kavanaugh is the founder and director of in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. All of these books are available from the website

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