Monday, March 14, 2011

Chrono-topologies: Hybrid Spatialities and Multiple Temporalities

Another book that has been recommended to me:
Chrono-topologies: Hybrid Spatialities and Multiple Temporalities
Edited and Introduced by Leslie Kavanaugh
The twelve papers collected in this volume explore the consequences of time, and its relationship with space, through a multi-disciplinary approach, including the philosophy of space and time, social geography, post-Marxian social theory, new network theory, philosophy of art and culture, musicology, evolutionary biology, historiography, psychoanalytic theory, and comparative literature. The chief inspiration for this collection came from the realization that although mathematics and the quantum-relativity debate in physics had fully established the concept of space-time, this realization had not been worked through into other areas of concern with concepts of spatiality and temporality. The result of this exploration is to conclude that hybrid spatialities and multiple temporalities become heterogeneous and yet interrelated with the others.
Peter Galison, Richard T. W. Arthur, Nader El-Bizri, Chunglin Kwa, Leslie Kavanaugh, Mary Lynne Ellis, Patricia Locke, Sander van Maas, Raviv Ganchrow, Josef Früchtl, M. Christine Boyer, and Antoine Picon.

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