Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Religious Imagination in Modern and Contemporary Architecture

This is a new book edited by Renata Hejduk and Jim Williamson, that has been recommended to me by a professor from The Catholic University of America, School of Architecture and Planning, Washington. I have no doubt it´s a great book and I post it as a reminder for reading. Here is the description:
¨This anthology collects, substaniates, and demonstrates the importance of the religious imagination within Western modern and contemporary architecture.
The essays written expressly for the anthology take a critical look at the relationship between religion and architecture in the twentieth century, as well as giving a brief look at the pre-history of the modern movement and its relationship to religion and architecture. These are grounded by and help to explicate the reprinted essays that are culled from the last one hundred years.
This is an important introduction to the religious imagination in architectural thought of the last one hundred years, and to the interdisciplinary discourse that examines how different disciplines express abstract concepts such as faith, spirit, God and knowledge. It makes essential reading for any architect, aspiring or practising, delving deeper into the meaning of architectural practice.¨

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