Friday, June 28, 2013

The ¨standing man¨ of Turkey and the silent readers

Gabriel Garcia Marquez's Leaf Storm centres on a family in limbo following the death of a man passionately hated, yet tied to the family. Photo by George Henton

Erdem Gunduz stands in Taksim Square during a 'duranadam', or standing man protest, in Istanbul. Photograph: Vassil Donev/EPA

Istanbul, Turkey - After weeks of violent clashes between police and protesters across Turkey a new form of resistance has emerged - the "Standing Man".
Standing silently, and initially alone, Turkish performance artist Erdem Gunduz stood, with his hands in his pockets, facing the Ataturk Cultural Centre in Taksim Square, Istanbul, for eight hours.
With extraordinary speed, Gunduz become the latest symbol of the resistance movement. In days that followed, thousands of people would emulate his solitary act, standing silently, for minutes or hours, in places across Turkey.

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