Thursday, May 19, 2011

Illustrations of the birds and eggs of nests of Ohio with text

I´m not particularly interested in birds, though my father was crazy about them, same for his uncles. He had built a room (I can´t call it cage) for them at the back of our lot in Buenos Aires, with wire at the front, metal sheets as roof, he had accommodated some branches inside, to entertain the birds. They were little species and he also had small cages everywhere. One day, the Municipality, sent a plane to take aerial pictures of the neighborhood and he received a letter from Planning department, he had to submit plans for his ¨ilegal¨ construction. I was already an architect and went to the City to explain the situation, it was not a bedroom. The Building official said ¨submit plans or demolish, it´s too big¨. I came back and told my dad, you´ll be paying taxes for this. And he answered he didn´t care. So, I prepared the plans, and we kept this construction till he died.
Anyway, I became more interested on birds when we went to Arrowhead in the Summer of 2008, we rented a nice cabin in the mountains, and we could watch and enjoy the colorful birds.
This time, I´ve been captivated by the beautiful book I´ve seen on line ¨Illustrations of the birds and eggs of the nests of Ohio. With text¨, illustrations by Mrs. N. E. Jones and texts by Howard Jones, printed in Ohio, 1886. I reproduce some of them here, and leave a link for whoever wants to keep on watching and reading.

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